This segment was suggested by one of my subscribers. They requested that I do some veteran-related volunteer work. So, I got in contact with the group Team Red, White, & Blue.  We gathered at the Los Angeles National Cemetery to place wreathes on gravestones of fallen soldiers. My friends Jay, Melody, and Alejandro joined me and it was awesome to have them along with me and see how many other people showed up to volunteer also. We all agreed that it felt good to do something to honor those that have sacrificed to protect our country and keep us safe.

Obviously there are many other volunteering opportunities, and I think it’s good for everyone to find something that they would like to give their time to. Team Red, White, & Blue is a great organization that offers a lot of volunteering opportunities. I think the thing I took away most from this is that you don’t need to do a lot to make a difference. If you’d like to see more videos of volunteer work let me know!

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