In recent times, everyone has become so used to having entertainment or information at the tips of their fingers. It makes it very easy to forget something that may seem very obvious. I’ve noticed that a lot of people around me don’t read so much. Well, it happens to be one of my personal favorite pastimes and I think it’s something everyone should get into. Regardless of whether you’re an avid reader or not, you should still check out the video. Here I show you some books I find to be essential reads for anyone looking to learn something new and ultimately improve their life.

Think and Grow Rich (By: Napoleon Hill)

This is a great motivational read that goes into the patterns and secrets of those that have found success and is actually referred to as a modern classic.  It reveals the formula to success according to several influential and prosperous people.

The Success Principles (By: Jack Canfield)

Written by the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, this book is more personal and explains 64 principles of the successful. This book will take you through a process, and brings you an ethic to tackle anything from everyday troubles to starting on your dreams.

Outliers (By: Malcolm Gladwell)

In this read, Malcolm Gladwell finds fascinating connections behind those that are successful and explains that it is more than what you do that allows you to succeed, it’s also where you’re from and where you’ve been.

How to Win Friends and Influence People (By: Dale Carnegie)

This is another classic and actually one of the first self help books ever published, has since sold over 15 million copies. This book teaches you how to influence people into agreeing with your way of thinking, and make friends by understanding that human nature won’t be outdated.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (By: Robert Kiyosaki)

This book is known as “the number one Personal Finance book of all time” and teaches you how to handle your money by saving and investing. I found this to be really helpful and definitely applicable to anyone.

Money: Master of the Game (By: Tony Robbins)

Tony Robbins is a top financial and self help coach that has helped millions of people. This is his first book in two decades and already an essential. It’s all about financing and a must read for anyone looking to improve their financial future.

Lastly I introduce the books Acting: The First Six Lessons by Richard Boleslawsky and Acting Class by Milton Katselas that are both essential reads for anyone looking to pursue acting successfully.

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