Ahhhh, Oktoberfest! This event means many different things to a lot of people. For some it’s, “BEER”!  For others, it may be the food or come for the culture. For me.. well, it was all of those things. Alpine Village is home to the oldest and largest Oktoberfest in Los Angeles, beginning in 1968. Oktoberfest itself is a festival celebrating German culture in the best of ways: beer, food, music, and shows. Los Angeles is a far way from Germany, but I’d say that this festival does a good job of emulating that traditional, celebratory German experience. I went with my buddies Tim, Gene and Jeff. We had a great time getting immersed in this festival. There was dancing, singing, beer drinking, comradery, and of course really, really awesome food. It goes on for several weeks and is definitely not your average weekend. This event is 21+, except for Sunday, when it is open to all ages. I’ll definitely be attending again next year and hope to see you there! Have you been to Oktoberfest? Are there any other Los Angeles events you’d want to see me to cover?


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