ATV Riding

In this segment, I travel to Hungry Valley- a hidden treasure of the Greater Los Angeles area. It’s a desert town along the I-5 that you would otherwise drive right past. But fanatics of motor-cross (and other desert vehicles that drive fast) may know it as home to a 130 mile course, filled with dune buggies, 4×4’s, ATV’s, and of course motorcycles.

This time around, I went for the ATV. Considering I’d never had experience with an ATV, it was a relatively smooth experience. Getting there and getting our rentals was super simple and after a run through, I was ready to hop on and ride through the desert. As I got more comfortable, I felt more and more like Mad Max- ready for action! (Just kidding… well… half kidding)

After this experience, I can really say that there’s nothing like raging through a scenic desert on an ATV, under the hot sun, with your buddies! Thanks for watching and let me know if you make it out to Hungry Valley and what crazy adventures you find yourself in!

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